Reasons to Get a Google+ Business Page

Last week Google+ finally rolled out Google+ pages, the equivalent of the Facebook page for business. There isn’t anything spectacular about these business pages (not yet) and you can’t do much customization nor get the features Facebook provides. However, Google+ is bound to play an important role in influencing customers and, let’s face it, when Google does something significant, especially in social media, we’ve got to pay attention. So the question you’re probably asking yourself is “Why bother with a Google+ page? I already have a Facebook presence for my business.” We think it is worth investigating. Here’s why…

  • Claim a Page. Right now there is no validation and no real restrictions, but it could prove useful to claim your business page and link to your site. Google does provide “badges” to validate links between brand pages and websites.
  • Could Improve Search. In addition to creating circles and followers +1ing your page, Google+ rolled out a new search using a “+” in front of search queries. The idea is that it goes directly to a Google+ Page with links back to your site. Both could help with organic search results.
  • Help Brand Awareness.┬áIf you are on Google a lot, it makes sense to create a Google+ page, especially because Google is already trying to unify their offerings (YouTube, Places, Search, Image Search) – all of which could help with your brand awareness.

Here are some great articles – we learned a lot and think you will too.

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