Case Study: Hawker Pacific - Australia

Hawker Pacific Australia

Email Management Software Helps Aviation Company Manage Volume Email

"In a multi user per mailbox scenario, eMail Manager is the best solution. Every aspect of the functionality is designed to give easy, time saving responses to customer requests." - Darrin Nicholson, Business Analyst of Hawker Pacific

IFModules: What made you select eMail Manager to manage your emails?

Hawker Pacific: We needed a way for our sales teams to have visibility across several mailbox’s, this allows team load balancing and better coverage when team members are away from the office.

IFModules: How has eMail Manager helped your business? How do you use the program?

Hawker Pacific: eMail Manager has allowed Hawker Pacific to react to customers more quickly and consistently - especially when employees are away. eMail Manager allows multiple users access to one mailbox, we can adapt and move people depending on the load experienced in one mailbox, therefore reducing customer response time considerably, whilst also balancing employee workload.

IFModules: What eMail Manager features make it stand out from other applications?

Hawker Pacific: Multi user access to one mailbox or folder and conversation style layout of emails would be the best features, second to that is the way eMail Manager handles standard replies in emails, saving considerable time and ensuring consistency in communications to our customers.

IFModules: Any other comments you feel other customers should know?

Hawker Pacific: In a multi user per mailbox scenario eMail Manager is the best solution, every aspect of the functionality is designed to give easy time saving responses to customer requests, and every detail of each conversation is displayed in an easy to follow manner, the full audit trail for every action on every email is also great to keep track of what is happening.

About Hawker Pacific
Hawker Pacific ( is a market leader in integrated civil and military aerospace sales and product support in South East Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East and is one of the largest independent companies of its type in the region.

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